Each toy comes with the baby animal and their Bottleboot, a DVD featuring an animated diary entry from the baby, and a special lullaby song with an encore video of your real life Lil’ Rescue.

We Survived! 

We are real and our stories are true. All the orphaned baby animals featured in our Rescue Me toy line are inspired by actual rescue animals raised in our Lil’ Orphan Nannies shelter. Skilled veterinarians and on-call staff work hard and fast to save these babies, knowing that, with them only being a few days old, every minute counts.

When you watch the DVD and get to know each of these animals, you’ll see the trials they faced being orphaned, as well as some cute and comical antics. You’ll also meet Karen, the shelter mommy, who created the Bottleboot to assist in orphan care.

Each animal has a different story; so be sure to collect them all! Together, the Rescue Me toy line offers unique, heartwarming entertainment for the whole family.

Part of the proceeds from you purchase of a Rescue Me animal will go to help Lil’ Orphan Nannies fund a fully staffed neonatal animal care facility where we will be saving the lives of innocent animals every day.