“We’re All About Baby!”
– Karen Song

“The Lil’ Orphan Nannies Bottleboot was inspired through my observation of infant animals and my intense desire to create an environment where orphaned baby animals could perceive the world through all of their senses. I wanted it to be a satisfying one, full of warmth, comfort and security ... just like a mother.” -  Karen Song

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together to fight against animal cruelty, indifference and neglect. We hope that, by instilling a new understand and appreciation for all animals, we will help teach children and young adults to be passionate about protecting these fragile and precious lives.

Our Products

The Lil’ Orphan Nannies Bottleboot provides a soft pliable plush for babies to knead and nuzzle during feedings. Made of scent collecting fabric, the infant animal becomes familiar with the bottle and will return time and time again to nurse. Most abandoned infant animals won’t nurse form just a bottle alone, making it impossible to save them without their Bottleboot.

“The Next Best Thing To A Mother.”
– Karen Song

We Survived! 

We are real and our stories are true. All the orphaned baby animals featured in our Rescue Me toy line are inspired by actual rescue animals raised in our Lil’ Orphan Nannies shelter. Skilled veterinarians and on-call staff work hard and fast to save these babies, knowing that, with them only being a few days old, every minute counts.

Part of the proceeds from you purchase of a Rescue Me animal will go to help Lil’ Orphan Nannies fund a fully staffed neonatal animal care facility where we will be saving the lives of innocent animals every day.