The most adorable, collectable, neonatal plush toys!

Part of the proceeds from this toy line help aid neonatal animal care through Lil' Orphan Nannies Shelter.

Hello! I'm Emarie and that down there is my friend Lil Big Boy. We are a few of the resuce animals from Lil Orphan Nannies Shelter. Our lives were saved by our mother Karen and her invention of the Bottleboot. Please take a look around and get to know us and all of our freinds!

Hey! I'm Lil Big Boy and I'm so glad to meet you! All my friends are around and waiting to meet you too. When you decide to Rescue Me, or any of my friends, part of the proceeds go back to support neonatal care for animals just like me. With your support, we can keep saving animal lives.